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Temperature / Humidity
It is suggested to use your LCD at room temperature (approx 21°C) in order to maintain its performance.

Take care as lifetime can be shortened especially when it is used under conditions of high temperature and humidity.
You may find that when it is used at temperatures of 10°C or lower, your viewing response time and brightness are affected in such a way that the correct display may not be obtained.
When exposed to drastic fluctuation of temperature (hot to cold or cold to hot), the power supply unit may be affected; specifically, drastic temperature fluctuation from cold to hot, produces dew on the surface which may affect the operation of the polarizer (the thin film that covers the LCD surface) and TV.

Environmental Consideration
It is suggested to use the LED/LCD in a clean place and to ensure it is limited in affect by dust or liquids.

If used in dusty place, dust may cause an electrical short.
If the LCD is contaminated by a humid or liquid substance, the display may be discoloured. If liquid enters the LCD, this could cause electrical failure or corrosion which, in turn, may lead to break down.

How to Care for your LCD & LED & Plasma TV 

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